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I really don’t know from where to start telling you how gorgeous this design hotel, located at the gates of the most animated quarter of Vienna – the Museum Quartier – is…

I’ve already shown you some pictures about it in an old post, but today I’d like to share with you my personal impressions, after having spent some days there by myself.

Feeling at home


We have arrived in Vienna at 2 p.m. after 6 hours of driving. As I’ve entered into the hotel’s foyer I’ve noticed…there was  a gage! Yes, those ones  used to carry  wild animals at the circus, but in this gage instead of wild animals there was a beautiful wooden table without legs….and instead of legs, it had two poufs that made it seems like a kids carousel!

This was the relax area…oh my god, I was not able to reach the reception because my eyes were too “busy” and excited!

And…all the books you see in the photo… actually were all design books!


Hall 25 Hours vienna

25 Hours | Lounge area in a gage!


In front of this lounge area there was another relax area with a “sofa-seesaw” (where I’ve immediately tried to sit down ;-)) – I was tired, you know!

In the foyer there was also a Mac station for any personal needs and a … polaroid camera in which you can take some odd photos with stupid faces as if you are in a funfair!


Nella Hall del 25 Hours di Vienna

Arriving at 25 Hours | Having fun like kids

I felt exactly as I were watching a show at the circus, when you first see the juggler, than the trapezist, than the acrobats and the clowns. Everything is so exciting in this hotel! When I’ve finally reached the reception a sweet girl welcomed me asking about my trip, if it was stressing, if I was tired…  she was so kind that I couldn’t say anything! I had just given her a hug!   Our room was fantastic, I have no words to describe it. Not only the room itself, but I’m talking about the bathroom too! They have reserved for me one of the rooms with both shower and bathtub!  I couldn’t believe it, the one I wondered!

I think I could not find any better word then these to let you understand the 25 Hours Hotel atmosphere:   [quote]surreal, ironical, surprising, sexy.[/quote]

The bathroom

What can I say? Vintage style, bright colors, accessories and details that make you feel at home. Even the hair dryer or the enlarger mirror (for make-up) could be a real luxury for a woman. The room is also equipped with sustainable toiletries: you have soap, shampoo and shower gel from the “Stop the water while using me” collection (I heart them!)

The bathroom does not have any door, and you see it once you enter into the room. In front of the entrance there’s this beautiful vintage console with a ceramic washbasin and vintage chromed faucets. The big shower has a simple glass panel. The toilet is located in a separate room with the wc and a little sink inside it (whit a door, now!)


And what about the downstairs restroom?

Oh yes, even the hotel restroom was spectacular!

A central “station” with recycled washbasins (old copper pots!) welcomes the guests, both women and men. Inside the toilet, picked up on the door, there’s a newspaper… for those ones who need to stay a little bit longer 🙂

  Wouldn’t you say thery are totally mad?? Oh yes, they are! 25 Hour restroom

“We are all mad here”. Now I know why.

Everything you see makes you say “Oh what!! Really?? Coool!!” For example, did you forget your iPad? You can rent one. Do you need to rent a bike? They’re free for the guests. Would you like to rent a Mini to go outside the city centre? They’re free too. Maybe yesterday night you have stayed up late and have waken up late this morning, so you are not able to have breakfast. No problem, they pack your breakfast for you! You just have to ask. Or maybe… are you so crazy that you want to go jogging even on holiday? There’s the jogging corner! Just take one towel, go jogging and than put the dirty one in the basket.     25 Hours hotel Ok, now I quit 🙂 My post is already too long and I don’t want to bore you! I’d still have so much to say!! Below you will find something about the 25 Hours Hotel for the ones who want to analyze 🙂 For the other ones…   [quote]pppprrrrr![/quote]

A trip into the circus world a few steps from Vienna’s city centre

circus design hotel Wien

The  funny and informal atmosphere of 25Hours is inspired by circus world and has been designed by Dreimeta team (established by Armin Fischer in 2003), winner of the European Hotel Design Awards 2012.

Every area of the hotel (part of Design Hotel™ group) has coloured and incredible walls, decorated by the german illustrator Olaf Hajek. Opened in 2011 and completed in 2013, the 25 Hours has a total of 219 guest rooms, including 34 suites. Services include free wi-fi, minibar, spa with sauna and steam bath, undercover car park, a terrace bar with a breathtaking view from the fifth floor, a restaurant (1500 Foodmakers), rental bikes and Mini, jogging corner, iPod docking station, a kiosk selling practical goods and souvenirs …

Entertainment never stops at 25 Hours, inside and outside the rooms!

25 Hours is a young hotel concept which currently focuses on Germany, Austria and Switzerland but the group would love to open hotels elsewhere in Europe (the wish-list also includes Italy with Rome or Florence).

I look forward to hearing they have arrived in Italy too!!


Official website 25 Hours