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As you may have noticed, it’s a few weeks that I’m focusing on made in italy bathroom design. I’m doing this because I think that being an italian blogger means that I have the great possibility to spread italian bathroom style worldwide.

My aim is to promote projects and interiors designed by italian architects (the main goal of the new column  Italian Bathrooms) as well as italian companies of this specific trade. With today’s post I’m going to present you one of the leading italian company producing shower enclosures, hydromassage and bathtubs: I’m talking about Novellini.

The company – present at ISH 2015 a few days ago – seems to be completely renewed in form and substance, after having launched its new logo, website (so simple and user-friendly, I do like it!) and brand new collections, presented for the first time during Frankfurt’s fair.



Ish 2015 - Stand Novellini

ISH 2015 | Novellini stand


Details, as always, make the difference


I suppose I’ve never told you that my personal experience in bathroom’s sector dates back to 2004, when I started working in my family’s company producing aluminium shower enclosures. That’s why, when writing about shower zone, I do it with full knowledge of the facts. I mean, if I look at a shower cabin, be sure that it’s not only aesthetics that I look at.  I open and close the shower doors, look at hinges,  aluminium chroming and plastic seals, “listen to” the doors’ sliding system and vibrations. I like to observe pulls or handles, magnetic seals and wall profiles.

I suppose people are not able to see all these details, so that shower enclosures may appear similar to each other. But it’s those details that make the difference, and it’s those details that you have to ask for in order to make the right choice for your bathroom.


So, what about these details that make Novellini different? I’ll give you a few examples.

1.  High quality of materials – that are PVC free, ecological, antibacterial and antistatic – unique style and elegance in every product.

2. Technology. I mean, the technological system behind a flowing and precise door opening; or the innovative hinges’ system allowing the cushioned and soft closing of Gala 8 mm shower doors; or the lifting hinges system that allows an airtight closure despite no gaskets have been used between structure and door (this also means that there are no wear parts!);

3. High quality of the aluminium profiles of shower cubicle Eon, chromed with PVD technology (Physical Vapor Deposition: a nanotechnology procedure producing extremely thin yet corrosion-proof coatings).


4. Comfort, large dimensions and ergonomics of the new Diva bathtub – simple design but great technology -, offering high performances and customizable equipement.

5. Functionality and practicality of the new “Revolution System“, a shower cabin perfect in case of renovation or bathtub-to-shower replacement (but I’ll tell you about this in a nex post!)



Wellness as a conseguence of technology and design


novellini design box 2013

Marco Pellicci – sketches, ideas


With these new Novellini collections a new vision of bathroom – all focused on wellness and self-care, always more design oriented (also thanks to the partnership with two italian designer) – comes to life.

Infact, I’m pleased to mark that “made in italy” for Novellini also means awarding the new products’ concept to italian designer, that is not an obvious choice in the design world.


[quote]”The Diva project springs from the clearly defined need to offer a product that would meet the expectations of consumers who like to live their lives through objects that belong deeply to them, objects that are simple yet elegant, able to draw them into a mood of relaxation.”[/quote]

– Massimo Farinatti

[quote]”Wellness is the search for quality of everyday life. Daily work for a world in which we recognise the people, systems and objects that surround us.”[/quote]

– Marco Pellici